Friday, 28 January 2011

reflecting---G Clair

Don't know how to tell you this, but somehow it must be
that someone tells us something and today I guess that's me.

I've thought up lots of somethings and of all the thoughts I've got
the ones I could be sharing are the one's I'd rather not.

See I've made a lot of choices from the dull part of my brain
most without foreknowledge, and of course some caused me pain.

So I go about my business since I'm hired, this is true
when assigned you'd best be following the leader, and I do.

But when I'm free to think alone, I look out on the fields
and contemplate my choices now and how the future yields.

There are things you plan ahead in life and trust, though God is good,
that other folks will treat you well around the neighborhood.

Things we count on, days and nights, the seasons and the years
but words are gold, be bold and God will surely quell your fears.

The best book I am reading, besides the Bible's Truth
the story of George Washington, our founder, from his youth.

Considering the past is wise and don't repeat mistakes
do your best to state your quest, and stay away from flakes.

Give when you are able, do the right thing as it is said
a good man can't be faulted though he's human, heaven led.

Use your gifts, 'a future and a hope' He's promised man
Be wise, get wisdom, realize your time is in His Hand.

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