Monday, 19 September 2011

big arse rocker- g clair

Last Christmas Eve
that's when I found her
big arse rocker
lying in the trash
'neath layers of paint
magnolia flowers
still blooming, carved
in oak or ash

it's been a while
since you've been rockin'
passed along through
the hands of time

the story's in you
but you're not talkin'
buried in layers
of paint and grime

can't deny
she's looking older
halfway home
to the pearly gate
a sadder thing
the day they sold her
wired her well
but sealed her fate

and I declare
before I found you
my heart was smoldering
in smoke and ash

and I can guess
just why they left you
one man's lover
another man's trash

once restored
and in your glory
rocking chair
I'll see you though
your wood will breathe
and meet the floor boards
worn with time
but good as new

Now grab a hold
of that big arse rocker
drag her out
to the slanty porch
say lookee here
you're fit for rockin'
and this old can
still carries the torch

we'll work it out
I'm still believing
God's in His rocker
at the pearly gate
And here we'll sit
with my guitar and
surely bend
the rhythm straight