Friday, 12 June 2009

what's right.

just when I think can't take it anymore, I have to take it some more. i suppose that moving back in with my parents was a good thing and that i should have done it back in November. it was a very good idea considering i want to move to virginia and need to buy a place. my parents are supportive of my plan and this is the BEST time to buy. besides, i couldn't stay in that old house with it's stinking drippy ceiling any longer. the management were informed several times and ignored my calls until those first 5 days in May where it rained almost non stop. anyway, i left the apartment spanking clean and paid $450 to have the tub reglazed, only to get a letter from the landlord telling me that I owe HIM $338 plus my deposit for overage on utility bills. news to me.

hmm...I paid my rent which included an alottment for utilities, and as the agreement states, he was to make the 'adjustment on the utilities' at the end of each year. nothing in there about waiting until the tenant moves out. never any bills or word from the man or his staff re: mounting bills. This seems more of a ploy to ensure that no tenant ever gets his deposit back. they ( the man and his wife) were hoping i would buy their little scheme.

in fact, i have decided to pursue this issue in small claims court.

still waiting. the weasel's probably ducking under his desk everytime the guy comes to serve the papers. Why I oughta...or maybe there is some other explanation. either way life's hard knocks have taught me to hang onto this one like a pitbull on a mailman's...uh, bag.

the law requires that a landlord return the deposit unless there is damage or money is owed for rent. if he refuses, he will have to pay double plus interest and court costs. i will not let go of this. what's right is right.

ok.... on to next. out to the gym. storage to find a couple of CDs. and sushi. i could go for a cold bud light lime too.


Anonymous said...

Good for you! Make him pay!

Gina said...

July 9th at 9AM. We shall see.