Wednesday, 29 July 2009

BRIGHT IDEA #1 - Al DeCaro, NJ

On solving the Health Care Crisis:

" If a doctor can prove that he has treated, 100% free of charge, 100 individuals per year, including indigents without health care or undocumented aliens, he will become exempt from Federal and State Income taxes."

BTW he can treat them with prescription drugs by giving away free samples.

The same rule will apply to hospitals offering the same services.

Question: Al. do you see doctors secretly billing patients, but listing them as freebees, or faking paperwork re: homeless people, without addresses who can not be traced.

Answer: "Of course. That's why the doctors in the program would be required to have a fingerprint machine and ID information on all participants in his free healthcare service. They are using 'park benches' as addresses to register people for why not for healthcare services?

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