Thursday, 25 February 2010

candy-coated misery

This song has nothing to do with what I am about to disclose. I just happened to notice that the setting for this Carrie Underwood song reminded me of that of the last You Tube I chose to post. Being ADD and addicted to HGTV, I tend to become preoccupied with backgrounds and sets and am constantly making associations. SO i compared the two and I am wrong. Different, but similiar. That said, onto the next.

Okay. So. You know what they say about hanging around with the wrong people? Bad company corrupts good habits? I suppose that also goes for the things we read and choose to watch on TV and the computer. My dad recently got this book " ARE YOU A MISERABLE OLD BASTARD?" It sounds kind of funny, and though I have yet to read it, and probably won't, I happened to see it in the bathroom, and flipped through. I noticed it was more a collection of related quotes and anecdotes. I've also noticed that since this book has been lying around, my Dad, normally laid back with a dry and witty sense of humor, has actually taken on more of the M-O-B persona. I really don't think the man is all that miserable but geepers, it seems that way. I wonder if he's believing a lie, or if, thanks to this book, he's been liberated? Is this a good thing?

So, the other morning I noticed his face looked a bit puffy, and I asked him, point blank (whatever that means). "Dad, your face is a little puffy lately." He crankily responded, "I KNOW."

" are you having a toothache? Or something? "


Come to find out, the poor man has had an absessed tooth and never told anyone. "Geewhiz Dad, Why don't you just tell someone so we can take care of it and get some relief?" He's such a tough guy. Rarely complains about anything. You know, it's really not for me to be annoyed at anyone here. I love my father and only want him to be 100% WELL. You see, we almost lost him last summer and I feel partly responsible for that, since being a nurse I probably should have noticed his decline in health. That's another story which I am sure he would NOT want aired. The main thing is that he is alright. But geez, how long before you get some attention?
Actually, I really don't think he features dental work. Can't blame him. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzz.....

Anyway, the dear man was in his dentist's chair within an hour, and then to an endodontist the same day. Dad was started on antibiotics and will have to go back for surgical intervention tomorrow. While he's still cranky, and I do blame the book to some degree, maybe it's time some of these miserable old B-tards had their teeth checked out. And get some of that Testosterone cream the holistics are talking about. A dab'l do ya, as I understand it. Sheesh, do something beside reading a stinking book so we don't ALL have to suffer on account of your changes, for Pete's Sake. (jk- i'm in the midst of a perimenopausal meltdown.)

Poor Dad. Being miserable is about as funny as a root-canal.

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