Monday, 8 March 2010

When You're Sick, A Lymr-'ick' - G Clair

If you're coughing up some mucous and it's green
to be sure, I say, your doctor should be seen
do not delay if it is grey, or other colors of the day
because these bugs are nasty, worse than mean!

Cozy up with Vicks rubbed on your chest,
it seems to open up the passage best
a little dab will also do, beneath the nares it is true
helps you breath more easily when you rest.

Humidify the air beside the bed
take good care to clean the thing, it's said
keep a box of Kleenex near, the softest kind will feel most dear
and place your favorite pillow 'neath your head.

It's good to keep some chicken soup on hand
it's value has been known throughout the land
keep the heat on, be a wench and and crack the window just a pinch
and try to sleep as much as you can stand.

In time you will recover from this hell
your symptoms will subside and you can tell
but be sure to keep your guard up with the crowds and don't be hard up
just insist they keep their distance- and stay well!

© 2010 Gina Morrone


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Yes, err, what a "delightful" topic.

Gina said...

Ha! Delightfully disgusting. Flu season runs up until March
but you don't want to catch it!