Tuesday, 1 July 2008

the look of love?

I am trying to pay off my Sears Card. Thought I could do it online, but can't find the exact page, so I decided I'd call over there and pay it over the phone.

I get the number online, call the customer service dept, and am directed by a female computerized voice to a waiting area which is playing smooth jazz. 'The Look of Love...is in...your eyes...a look...that time...can't erase'. Elevator/Lounge music. It sort of makes me feel...carsick. Queasy. I don't know why.

That's OK. I can wait. Finally, a person picks up. A Sears Customer Representative. I didn't get his name, but explained the purpose of my call. Just want to pay the bill.

" You want to pay off your balance?"

"Right. I need to know my exact balance."

He was busy, apparently, because after about 2 minutes of him saying " just one second........one minute.....just a few seconds.....one second", he asks me:

"OK, so what was it you needed?"

"I need to pay my bill." It hurts to talk much.

"There's a 14 dollar charge if you do it over the phone. Do it online and it's free."

"OK, but I am having a problem with finding the payment page...is there someone you could direct me to?"

" Hold on a minute....just a few seconds....just a minute....one second please....

The music comes back on.

I use the time wisely, and within a minute, have located that same theme song for waiting on 'You Tube'.

" OK," he's back on, " I am now going to connect you to the billing department. Thank you for your patience."

"No problem, Sir. Have a nice day."

Alone in the elevator again. The look of love. What the heck kind of look is that? I sat there in front of the mirror ( there's one directly behind this monitor),trying to get that look of love in my eyes. Insincere. Silly. Weirdo. I tried thinking of someone I have felt that way about and looked into my own eyes. Come on. Concentrate on that person and then quick look at yourself. No use. It must be a subjective thing. Wishful thinking for some. Maybe just gas. Besides, I think it's more important that the guy have the look of love. But what IS that expression? I let this bother me for about a minute, while I waited. Change subject. So glad to be paying off this credit card. With or without the look, the TV is mine. I'm getting that Guitar Hero thing next month. No more buying anything on credit. It was taking so long, that I slipped back in time and googled "The Look of Love". I did.

Per wikipedia, the music was written by Burt Bacharach, and indeed, it was originally intended to be an instrumental. But later Hal David added the lyrics, and the song was published in 1967. According to Bacharach, the melody was inspired by watching Ursula Andress in an early cut of the film. Ah ha...someone who actually possesses the thing which inspires a melody to form within the mind of the great Burt Bacharach. Imagine that.

" Sears Credit Dept. This is Mary Jane Thompkins. It's a beautiful day at Sears, How can I help you?

"Yes. Ms. Thompkins. Please. I am trying to pay my bill. Having trouble locating the exact payments site online. "

She asks for my card number. I go to reach for the bill and my broken glasses which were teetering on the edge of my nose fell to the floor, right near my foot. It hurts to reach for things when you have a sore throat. Bad.

" Just a minute. I dropped my glasses and I can't see these numbers...."

"OK, but I can only hang on for 2 minutes."

"Hold on a second." I place the phone by a speaker which is now playing this very song from You Tube. Figured the relaxing melody would put her at ease while I reached for my glasses. Buy some time. Where are they? Down in the tangle of computer wires at my feet. I picked up my glasses, put them back on ( the one ear handle snapped off recently but I refuse to part with them), and picked up the phone. Holding them in place, I am trying to make out the tiny numbers. What a loser. No wonder I'm floundering. I own at least 10 pair of these things.

" OK, here is the number.....hello? Hello?"

Dial tone.

How rude. I bet Ursula Andress doesn't have people hanging up on her. What is she...72 now?


But here is a real look of love.
My old pal, Bailey. Thanks Elena for sending this pic. Bailey inspired her own song.

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