Tuesday, 1 July 2008

ice pops and fudgicles :)

i am quite sure that I have never had strep throat before.

i would never have forgotten this kind of pain.

almost as bad as the ileus of 2001.

this is day 4. picked up something right after the gym on friday night.

felt it while pushing a cart around shoprite.

came on swiftly and intensified into something severe.

had to weather the worst of it without antibiotic this weekend.

tried the usual home remedies.

nothing seemed to be helping.

ice pops were soothing.

got an MD appt. Monday afternoon.

mom offered to drive. brought some ice.

my doctor said it looked like an infection. put me on Avelox.

never heard of it. some new kind of broad spectrum antibiotic. targets upper respiratory germs. quickly.

I got up again to get some pain med and something cold from the freezer. The other night, I had a 20 lb bag of ice in there which was making taking up too much space snd wasn't allowing for complete closure of the door with everything else I put in there. I pulled everything out last night, and threw out the ice. All of it. I should have saved half of it. Could have made slushies. I saved all of the boxes of fudgicles and icepops, hoping everything would freeze back up.

Ironic. i don't need ice for months and when i finally could USE some ice, I've dumped it down the drain.

just checked. the fudgicles are coming along. good.

sometimes when it hurts, I start to feel panicky.

where is my chloraseptic?

why isn't this advil helping?

can't i just spit my saliva out instead of swallowing?

whatever happened to jello pudding pops?

I made some of my own in a bowl without the sticks.

Scraped at the frozen pudding. it was pretty good.

how long does this Avelox take?

the doctor seemed more interested in the details of my work than my sort throat.

i should have asked for a narcotic pain killer.

the pharmacist said. that will be 135 bucks. for 10 pills.

I settled for 5. he said it takes 5-10 days of pills. I'll probably get the other 5. don't want to take any chances.

Ah...these semi=soft italian ices are sooo good. I am so glad this pain is going to go away soon.

it's 2:30

will try to get back to sleep.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Sorry that you are feeling down, Gina. Are you really diagnosed with Strep throat or just a throat infection? Strep throat is treated with antibiotics (and make sure you complete the entire 10 tablet course - you should know this) and you normally feel better after 48 h. If you do not feel better after 48 h, you should see the doctor again. Hope you feel better soon.

Angelissima said...

OH NO! I'm sorry to hear this Gina.
I have a bottle of Augmentin over here if you need it...free! Not old either.

ken said...

The ileus of '01 ... you crack me up!! The logical Gee should know very well that half a course of abx can be worse than none at all - contributing to potential future abx resistant strains of whatever bug you've got.
You might want to take the angel-girl up on the Augmentin offer.

Gina said...

Thanks LGS, Ang and Ken. I appreciate your concern and advice. The pharmacist was actually the one who suggested I buy half the dosage. Naturally, you know, I questioned the wisdom of his advice. He told me that this drug was in a class of it's own and works in 5-10 days. I will go back and get the rest. Nurse O'MRSA.

Got anything else hanging around in that medicine chest?

Angelissima said...

oh geez gee...i have everything. my doc gave me a certain pain medicine that is supposed to help the lungs.
I didn't notice any difference so I didn't take it. its called, "INDOMETHACIN" you can have that. It doesn't have any narcotic in it so I have no use for it :-)
Also some mood stabilizer called, "TOPOMAX" makes me sick to my stomach. I am a regular pharmaceutical guinea pig.

OH LORDY! My neighbor is in her bikini on her John Deere mowing the grass. RED string bikini. NERVE. hahahha. I wonder what her hubby would say if he were home. LOL

Gina said...

prolly one of his fantasies, except she's wearing something.

Thanks Ang. I think the Indocin is a muscle relaxant. Hard on the stomach. Good thing you didn't take it.