Monday, 3 August 2009

Help Put Feeleez In the Classroom

Feeleez is a matching game designed to teach feelings through play. Peace Through Feelings is: the donation of a Feeleez game to five hundred classrooms across the country.

School children in all 50 states will begin to acquire the essential skill necessary for peaceful relationships - empathy. These same children then post their drawings, videos, and stories describing how empathy has helped them resolve conflict, get their own emotional needs met, and create peace in their lives, to the Peace through Feelings website.

The key ingredient to a peaceful interaction of any kind, either between two children or two countries, is empathy, the ability to share and understand another's (as well as one's own) emotions.

To begin with, simply recognizing an emotion acts as a release valve, making possible more tranquil communication. Furthermore, awareness of those same emotions in others aides in motivating one to help, resolve, compromise, and cooperate.

We would like to see emotional intelligence regarded as one of the major pillars of a child's education, taught with the same devotion given to reading, writing, and arithmetic. We'd like to place Feeleez in every primary classroom in America.

The Grant for Change would cover the cost of five hundred games and their distribution to schools across the United States.

Feeleez would then donate a thorough curriculum for teachers to follow, provide a website for Project Peace through Feelings, and post/manage the content.

Empathy is a remarkably simple skill, yet capable of inspiring astounding change in the qualityand scope of all human interactions. Project Peace through Feelings starts at the beginning, helping children learn about feelings, seeding the potential end - a more peaceful world.

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