Sunday, 16 August 2009

Rip Curl Jesus ( AKA rip curls, not girls)

the worst decision ever made, without discussion mine was laid
upon emotion's mounting wave which crests and falls predictably
and smashed upon life's golden shore, I drempt of better waves once more
and quite aware of what's in store, I mock my own fragility

a smarter girl would read the book, or take a lesson, have a look
without a mentor, face the crook who's got a mind to bleed her
at every turn they lie in wait, a shark infested Watergate
for women who, without a mate, are looking for a leader

i say "No More!", not one more time, will I give in to gifted rhyme
content to sip my beer with lime, while others still are taken
the worst of them are seasoned dopes who've done some time and know the ropes
and smooth as silk, I know their ilk, they prey on gals with bacon

and fry up tales of fish they've caught with this one gadget that they bought
and now you too, can land a catch if only you will listen
and here's the key, just follow me, and everything you want will be
this five will get you ten you see, his charming eyes, they glisten

but deep inside my insides churned, a sure fire sign that I'd be burned,
wish I knew then what I have learned from life's untimely curve balls
I hope to learn from past mistakes, to guard my heart from belly aches,
to watch for snakes, apply the brakes the next time some old perv calls

a hero is the kind of guy who always looks you in the eye
he tells the truth and will not lie, but not one to be brutal
he's gentle in the strongest way, and stands for justice come what may
a rip curl Jesus, any day, no dandy Yankee Doodle!

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