Monday, 7 September 2009

Agree to Dis-agree

The vintage bottle of 'AGREE" shampoo I had ordered from Ebay a few days ago, that which I had so eagerly anticipated, arrived yesterday. With all of the joy of a child on Christmas morning, I tore at the tape and yanked open the box. Upon doing so, it became evident that whoever had packed it had done a rather shoddy job of ensuring that the bottle was secured. There were a few barely crumpled pages from a catalog of some sort. As I pulled them out, I could see that there had been some leakage, most likely from air pressure during the flight in. It was at that point that I caught my first questionable whiff of the product. Lifting the familiar green bottle which was still somewhat compressed, I could see that the cap was not tightly closed. Opening the cap, and bringing my nose within a safe sniffing distance, i drew in a slight but hopeful breath. My heart sunk. While the familiar green bottle had prepared my senses for a trip down memory lane, one cautious whiff had confirmed my better instinct. It was putrid. Gone bad. The kind of thing you'd never want to put anywhere NEAR your hair much less your nares. In fact, so creeped out was I by the stink of old dollar store mothballs and lime toilet bowl cleaner, that I immediately chucked it out, and washed my hands. Languishing at getting ripped off once again, I scrubbed my hands ferociously, all the while wondering about the person who shipped the bottle, and realizing how dangerous it could be using products shipped by suspicious strangers.

How foolish I had been to think a 20 year old bottle of shampoo could bring me happiness. I am just disgusted. I don't even want to talk about it.

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