Thursday, 24 September 2009

Turn Your Eyes Away

Della, turn your eyes away
we shouldn't view this scene
I'm searching for an answer
in a place that's just obscene
and I know there's no corruption
in your history to view
but it's burned within my memory
can't delete it when I'm through
Turn your eyes away

I buried my convictions
along the weary road
well they were getting heavy
for the other stuff I towed
and I had to choose the latter
for the former was quite old
and it seemed a little corny
for those stories had been told.

And then I found the answer
old Della here will do
no one else would ever know
nor give a rat's tattoo
and I could be my own boss
and do it all at home
no longer on the beaten path
old Dell and I could roam.

To Google was my pleasure
I'd do it day and night
while looking out for trouble
I could Google any site
I steered away from porno
and kept my nose from crime
but soon my roaming eyes would lead
to downloads of sublime.

it was a wild adventure
while sitting in my home
my back grew fat with cellulite
my legs were more like foam
I lost some of my vision
my feet are cold and numb
goodbye to feeling in my hands
hello to stiffened thumb.

and then one day it happened
I landed on an image
I had not seen before, he stood there
on line of scrimmage
the scene was somewhat tainted,
"I shall not look", I sainted,
but caught myself in quite a stare
My mother would have fainted.

From a place down deep within me
I heard the preacher cry
"Dear woman what have you begot?
A sight for sorry eye"
I swear I didn't do it
it came up on my screen
I didn't search for 'nudity'
I searched for sompin' clean.

I turned around there in my seat
and felt a sudden void.
it's something I've been missing
the real John McCoid.
I'd filled my life with Della
and lost all essence of
the beauty of my real life
and with that, real love.

I turned back to the stranger
and wished him for my own
but frankly I'd be more impressed
with much less of a bone.
I clicked him off and turned my thoughts
back towards that weary way
and asked the God who saw my sin
to clear my mind that day.

Della, turn your eyes this away
you need to view this scene
I'm searching for an answer
from the One who is Serene
His seed is incorruptible
and planted in my soul
will redirect my weary mind
Lord, cleanse and make me whole.

Turn your eyes this way!


Anonymous said...

Always good to flee youthful lusts. Turn your eyes away. Run in your heart and if need be, physically, away from those things that would steal your heart and corrupt your soul. Don't bargain with it. Don't justify it. Flee. Turn your eyes away and in effect, turn your heart away. Good one G.

Gina said...

Thank you, BT. I always appreciate your spiritual insights.