Monday, 28 September 2009


He keeps to the right, he's not to be tempted
the rules are the rules and they won't be preempted
by dingbats and dumbasses, yuppies and jerks
idiot bimbos, who think they have perks.
Pushing his buttons as he climbs up the case
he's still on the right but you're right in his face

Texting and talking up the old escalator
keeping tabs on each other, when you can say 'see you later'
And then at the top of the stair, PLEASE keep walking
hang out somewhere ELSE~ and ENOUGH with the talking!
Far worse on train, a much longer ride
and now on the bus, and he's fit to be tied!

You take up TWO spaces when you need only one
and that drippy umbrella has robbed all his sun
And WHAT are you eating? It smells just like crap
his blood pressure's pushing the steam through his cap
Normally quiet, this mild-mannered gent is really no trouble, until he get's bent
the key to avoiding a terrible plight, mind all your manners, and KEEP TO THE RIGHT!

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