Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Hairy Go Round - G Clair

Gingerale, coke, lemon and lime
Don’t have a watch, can't tell you the time
Iced Coffee with milk, no sugar for me
Don’t care for sweetners, prefer caffeine-free

Used to drink Yoohoo,but can't seem to hold it
Once owned a Ford Falcon but somebody stole it
My father is cool he trims up the hedges
Mom's kind of smooth but rough 'round the edges

Once found a seashell put it to my ear
all that I heard was a-guzzlin' beer
guzzling beer not what I expected
had me a Mexican but soon he defected

Looked for him everywhere thought he was nappin'
But he'd hit the pavement, Hirotchees were slappin
Somebody told me he's back in Borrero
fryin' up churros in a fancy sombrero

Dined on raw fish with a Guido beguiled
'Till he told me he'd die before having my child
Excuse me, I told him, I think you are mistaken
I'd rather have triplets by sexy Clay Aiken
Been burned before, but I'm still kind of shocky
Swallowed my pride and swore off the Saki

Low and behold a dude who says "Schmatah"
unorthodox fella who can't stomach matzah
Head full of curls nice Hebrew diction
believes in his heart aliens are nonfiction
He ain’t into me prefers to be single
Made sure my milk and his meat didn't mingle

Stopped into Quick-chek to get me a bite
met up with 'ol Manny who put up a fight
mountain of misery~terrble liar
asked for a bike and he gave me a tire

Flattened but patched my heart isn't aching
I think it's a sign the thing was worth breaking
The back roads to Red Bank are bumpy and narrow
hard on the bones but good for the marrow

I looked at the clouds, shook out the lining
can't see the forest for all of my pining
Ironic that shells echo the sea
the old man he batters em mercilessly

Mets beat the Phillies, so what can I say?
wanted for nothing, nothing got in my way
Got up to stretch, fell through the bleacher
and into the arms of a snake oil preacher

Tinctures and ointments and warming love salve
can't erase heartache and memories I have
Heard it before, how time is medicinal
But for healing the heart the price is additional

Beat for beat and measure for measure
grapes of gall and fermenting displeasure
tasted enough to know this can't be real
while mashing my heart in the search engine wheel

Not takin the road to that carneval ground
one more lonely ride on the hairy go round
As for my heros and the asses I've pained
nothing is lost and everything gained

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