Monday, 5 February 2007

Unmedicated Gal

Words serve no purpose
you've chosen your fate

A woman who seethes
biochemial hate

How could a man marvel at beauty
When she admits her last meal was "Lookin4cutie?"

Why in the world would he choose to commit
to a girl who is spiteful and treats him like chit?

The oversized ego that boasts of her charms
arouses suspicion and sets off alarms.

Try as you may
there's no way to please her

The war is internal
and nothing will ease her.

You give her some flowers, she says the wrong color
Conversation? You've never been duller

You take her out dancing, buy her some clothes,
she spends all your money and steps on your toes.

Walks on your ego, takes you for granted
Dimisses your dreams, but still you're enchanted.

How is it this angel can kiss you so well
yet one week a month will send you to Hell?

Take it as a warning when a woman picks a fight
flips out at your comments, speeds up at the light.

Anything to get you punching at the wheel
yellow moon is maddness, and PMS is real.

Give her a boot, show her the door
tell her to soften that miserable core.

Drop her on the corner
make her walk alone

Stay clear of her email
don’t pick up the phone

Next time read the paper
or find a nice long book

Spare yourself the misery
and let her off the hook.

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