Monday, 19 February 2007


Eyes are not opened
when hearts are not hearing
the message of Love
which straigtens our steering.

Leaving behind
all the things that are leering
touching our painful emotions and searing
the heart that is drawn from the crowd's
endless cheering
to a place which is quiet
and sweetly endearing.

And from that place rises
the heart of conviction
up from the dead
choosing fact over fiction.

Eyes soon are opened
and Truth comes unfurled
waving above
all the lies of the world.

The Word is the standard
you say just a story
many have tried to silence
His Glory.

The Way and the Truth And the Light
He has come
His peace he has left
and my heart he has won.

To overcome evil
to search out his sheep
to win back his bride
though tarnished and cheap.

Snatched from the fire
she struggles to gain
One ounce of freedom
from all of the pain

Wanting an easy way out
she crumbles
gives into the conflict
and downward she tumbles

The Good Guy is patient
he knocks
and he waits
He stands at the door and He contemplates

He did what He could
but would never insist
To force her to choose Him
is not on Love's list.

One of these days
she'll forsake dead religion
and open the door
She's nobodies pidgeon.

Washed clean and made whole
transformed by His Love
precious new soul
His beautiful dove.


ME and that's how it is said...

wow i have a part on my blog for petry will you post this?

Gina said...

No thanks. I don't go posting my poetry on anyone else's blog these days.