Monday, 5 February 2007


Not entirely crazy
though a little bit insane
outside in the daylight
my mind runs as clear as rain.

I Took the test they gave me
to find a compatible fellow
Roses are red, Violets are blue
but my heart is screaming yellow.

So I bottled up my beeswax
showered off the gloom
nice fresh air and sunshine
pouring through this room.

Started talking to a stranger
not the average Joe
waiting 'til I meet him
the only way to know.

Yarrow is a color
I heard the Asian mutter
hold the petals 'neath your chin
to see if you like butter.

An over-ripe banana
brown speckled, getting soft
waitin' for his perfect match
the others he has scoffed.

Not easily misguided
He won't buy into hype
Perfect match confided
He's not the risky type.

Yellow is not fade proof
it washes out in time
hang your heart out to dry
wind blows it off the line.

Whatever is the point here
how she did you wrong
your history's no matter to me
always the same old song

No longer scared, just waiting
Been around the block
tasted and been tested
faked out my internal clock.

Today I am feeling ready
tomorrow I'm bleeding blue
Orange you glad I'm yellow
a bright and crazy hue?

I don't need the internet
or men to entertain
just read my lips
and bring some chips
I'll meet you at the train.

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