Friday, 16 February 2007

painters daydream

Waves of blue
wash over you
while fields of white
obscure my sight

this roller glides smoothly
creating a seal
over some colors
I'd rather reveal

years of blunders
and crazy hues
I made my choices
paid my dues

But now's the time
for the Painter within
to spackle my soul
and sand out the sin.

To put all my memories
gently away
into the storage
for some other day

time's is not healing
what we lack in feeling
cracks in the ceiling
silently peeling

Silky tans will lure us
to a quiet tourqouise sea
but there’s something in the distance
perhaps a tsunami

I hate to leave you standing there
but can not stand the thought
of drowning in this stinkin' sea
of lonliness I've wrought

So I climb up to a higher place
alone,to breathe fresh air
love flows freely from God's grace
and what a fool I’ve been to care

Sun bathes fields of clover
yellow daisies have all bloomed
waving free they call to me
still with you I am still consumed

This baggage claim
is full of blame
I like to think it's you
if you'd just say you’re sorry
not your bag, you say, it's true.

Cutting in I've failed you
rolled over your pride
running after lofty things
I've often left your side

Thinking of another time
i stare up at the sky
not a cloud to scrape the blue
from the warm ground where I lie

something makes me smile
when I first laid eyes on you
marveling at your chest hair
I longed to grab a few.

suddenly convicted
the truth beneath the lie
becoming clearer with each breath
a wretched shrew am I!

And yes you are half jackass
which end is up to you
we know one half is stable
and the other end... who knew?

I climb down from my prudish perch
not meant to be alone
better to be near you
if it's only on the phone

Look down on the place
where I last saw you standing
no longer there, no longer care
so I turn back to my sanding.

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