Wednesday, 28 February 2007


It's hard to think that we'd forget
but harder still is writing songs about it
We never felt so bad and yet
the therapist is bent on getting us to pout about it

for all eternity
left out of maternity
wearing funny clothes
feelin bad out my nose and

It's getting to the place
my figure's where i do declare
it's not that I'm blown out
but I'll agree It's getting there

Just my gut reaction
to the world, a huge distraction
every day is passing by
while all I do is wonder why you

No one else could really care
about the heartache in my hair
how one word could scar a life
silent strife, a cross to bear
knowing it would come around
I forgave but it's still there

The only thing that mattered
the only thing we knew
was that our hearts were shattered
and still our bodies grew

and we were grown up,
the bag is filled to bursting
fed up
hungry and still thirsting

let down , turn around
see the mess we're in
carrying all this bitterness
was something of a sin

what to do, just walk away
or just kick it to the curb
sort through stinkin garbage
jagged memories to disturb

A typical reaction
to pain is to forget
to push it down and numb it out
something I regret

somedays I can laugh about it
somedays wanna to keel
God above, if you are Love
soften up this heart of steel

I've had enough of carrying
this burden on my back
jumping off the boxcar
throwin down the sack
If it's true that you are God
and in your there's no lack
wash the dirt away
and get this monkey off my back

and if I no longer serve you
but I'm getting in the way
stumbling around again
just end my life today

sick of all the drama
tired of being shy
holding back, the pressure builds
The dam bursts and I cry...
and you say

Let me
Let me tell you what I think about you
Tell Me
Tell me what you think about Me
Loved you
Loved you from the start of all
had you set apart
for our relation
wanted you to need me
but Im not the needy type
trying to be heard above the
noise and all the hype
now you're finally listening
Just know that you are mine.
This is what were made for and it is not a pick-up line
I've got your back, you're covered now, forgiven and set free
Nothing separates you from my Love,
and this was meant to be...
tears are good for you,

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