Saturday, 16 June 2007

the right one

They say don't settle, better wait until the right one comes~
sometimes your'e feeling like the wait's too long~
The funny thing is, that it's really not that funny when~
you've finally found him....and again you're wrong.

And so we hold out hope and wait until the right one comes~
we all could settle for the wrong ones and be done~
you take your chances with the future, there's no telling, when
Right gets to know you, if he'll come undone.

I say don't settle for me, wait until the right one comes~
it doesn't matter if your wait is long~
the saddest thing is that it's really not that sad, when~
we've found each other, but we've both moved on.

I flunked my physical and failed out of charm school
I can't impress you with my looks or poise~
The glitz is gassy and I hate the stinkin' fanfare
I've been the wrong one for too many boys.

But something happened in my soul which changed that image
a heart adjustment, now the picture's clear,
No trial boobtube to be used and later brought back
God bought the goods, and tells me not to fear.

I'll wait on Him, and not be betting on the wrong horse
we all fall short, and no one's perfect but the Lord
seems like a crapshoot, but I'll let life take it's own course
won't jump the gun, cuz that's a move I can't afford.

You'll put your best foot out, I'll trip over the notion
I listen to the best show and sometimes it just the worst!
Sometimes you're clear fresh waters, other times a churning ocean
true Love can ride the storms out, and it care's about your thirst.


Josie Two Shoes said...

More and more I think that guessing who is the right one is a crap shoot, Gina. We can only hope what we see and think we know about them turns out to hold true in the long run. But I definitely agree with the theory of not selling yourself short - wait for a really good one to come along. Desperation ends in heartache.

All4love said...

a gr8 poem... And about finding the right one.. well its hard to know the heart of a person to know if he/she is the right one... Only God knows one's heart! so depending on God n moving ahead by faith is the way that worked for me! It migth sound illogical.. but well when it comes to faith, logic is not necessary! Check out my post "Lion n Dove fall in Love" ( a lil too long a post may be but it proves God is the best matchmaker I've ever known!)

Gina said...

You said it Josie, one big crapshoot, anyhoot! Gee, it feels like that sometimes. Ya know, while wa all like smooth sailing, and I think most of our times ought to be fairly peaceful, I think it's best to weather a few storms in order to see how they are in the pressure cooker of life. Do the eyeballs pop as the blood pressure climbs? Does steam spout from the ears? Or are they softies and gentle and know how to roll with the punches? Can they jump in in a crisis, make decisions and take some direction, or do they run away or become control freaks? We all have our limits and I kind of like to see where they are, not push them, just to know. This is what the 'courtship'/dating is for. I much prefer the friendships when you aren't out to win em over. No one's playing any games. So what you said is true, Josie, best know em from cover to cover before you climb under any. Oh am i on my soapbox....

I like these personality tests which are offered free by internet dating sites such as, which help you identify your dominant personality type. ( 1 of 4). They somehow figuredout which personality types are best suited to your own. Even without these tests, after enough time in, you can become quite adept at diffrentiating types when you meet up with them in the world. I made up my mind to stop dating and concentrate on friendships first and take it really slow. I get into my 'disgust mode'... That's this week. I am very greatful for the men in my life who stick around just because we're friends. Those are the kind I love and trust.

All4love- HEY!!!!Thank you for stopping by! I like what you said about God being the Matchmaker. I read your love story a couple weeks ago and thought it was really sweet, touching, and actually inspiring. I think what you said is The Truth. God knows how to pick em, though often I miss those signals, I think if we put Him first these desires will follow. prov 3:5 IS A FAVE. Thank you,
will check out your site again!


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Great poem. I could identify with the sentiment expressed. I have long stopped thinking in terms of that very special "one". I think we select a not so bad one and work together as a couple of not so bad ones to make a terrific one. It's love but it's also hard work, commitment and forgiveness. I notice that many arranged marraiges succeed just on commitment and hard work but love sometimes blossoms fully. In equal measure many "romantic" marraiges fail when the couple fail to commit and work at it after the glitter has faded.

Josie Two Shoes said...

You said a mouthful there Grey Squirrel, it does take hard work, committment, and forgivenss...from both sides, to make a marriage work. You can have all the romance in the world, but if you can't weather the storms together, it's not going to last.

I so agree with focusing on friendships, Gina. Really, that's what I'm after. The rest can come naturally, or not, doesn't matter.

Gina said...

Hey LGS-

Thanks for your comment. I agree that you've gotta choose the qualities that are most important to you when considering a life partner and realize that certain things are not going to measure up you your ideal. I think there is that period of time when you have your disappointment over certain shortcomings, and it's a crucial time when you kind of decide if you would be willing to put up with ( since there really is no changing a person), but when you realize that you are not 'all that', and focus less on all of your own needs, and more on the other, well, maybe part of that ideal dies and you can actually come to prefer that person over someone who seems more...right. As you say, Love can blossom between strangers who are committed and can dry up when it is not nurtured.

Water sunlight and good dirt! guy told me that it is not what you give a person that makes them love you, it's what they give you. YOur gifts only make you love them more. Interesting.


"....The rest can come naturally, or not!" This is exactly how I feel!

Friendship does seem less like "hard work", which always seems to have negative connotations for me. I can handle forgiveness, which seems to come easily. Of course, committment was always easy before the issues cropped up and wore me down.... before it fell into the catagory of "hard work."

Angelissima said...

You are not damaged goods, so cut that out RIGHT NOW you hear!
Quit that toxic thinking. As a person who has known you practically all your life, I would say you're absolutely the best woman I know.

Heck. If those jerks can't see that, then jokes on them...losers!
They don't know what good is.

Gina said...

Aw, thanks Ang. What a pal!

okay, you can change the words if you like. I'm movin on!!

Gina said...

Angelissimatsimo! Leave it to friends to make you really think.I thought about your comment and realized that those words, 'damaged goods', sounded a little too self deprecating, and while I do believe that we are damaged from negative experiences, and that God's Love reveals us as we are (an imperfect, perhaps damaged but REAL and beautful creation), I didn't want anyone getting stuck on those words and missing the point.

Re: Marriage: I like men but I will only marry the one I can't live without. So far, I can live without...but wouldn't it be nice...

I love this line-
"And this is grace, an invitation to be beautiful"- Sarah Groves( Add to the Beauty)

So....I changed the words. Yeah. Same music, different words. I don't know what I wrote but I am moving on now. I liked that love poem on your site. Sweetly sad.

Scrabble? Come on! Change subject!