Thursday, 21 June 2007

wait for you

In the misty back mountains where no road is going
there are fresh water fountains on a lake with a loon
and the meadow grass growing, and soft winds are blowing
blue skies are all knowing that you're coming soon

Time tells the story, Newsweek is clear
Life shows the pictures, Rolling Stone plays up fear
the world's getting colder, while the globe's warming up
and as babies grow older, let's hope they'll grow up

So I'll wait for you, Lord, what else can I do?
I try to live right, and hold closely to you.
nothings worth losing that peaceful night's sleeping
but hungry kids cry, while their mothers are weeping.

Bombs fall around them, they're scared for their lives
they hide out in hope that their village survives.
And every so often the news filters back
how an air strike has taken what can't be put back.

I must bear the thought that the nation I love,
my hero, the good guy, the gentlest dove
is also a lion, a fierce one at that
the agenda sometimes, takes the good with the bad.

Too much information can drive us to fear
we'll miss the sweet moments and doubt the sincere
we can dwell on the ending, infected with schemes
or trust that the righteous man's prayer intervenes.

we can vote for the ones who, with cautious decisions
will stay on the course and hold true to our visions
of peace and democracy in our own land,
we pray for God's blessing and not to be "banned".

and I'll wait for you, Lord, and what else can I do
but try to live right while I hang onto you....
with the meadow grass growing, soft winds are blowing
and blue skies, all knowing that you're coming soon.

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