Friday, 29 June 2007


You're messing with my heartstrings and it seems out of tune
From now on no one touches these, I cry out to the moon
I'm safe and sound concealed packed within a hard-case shell
protected from the field where the players pitch and sell

I'm not a thing for tampering or trying on for size
we know the score, that love's encore is held back, no surprise
I wait upon the player whose waiting 'round for me
and holding back from the others, well we're cautious as can be

the hand which tunes these heart stings, that good and upright fellow
while waiting fpr the right one, knows with time all good things mellow
and he knows what I am made of, where I've been has hurt the wood
though he doesn't need perfection, knows his skill will do me good.

Messing with my heartstrings is a dicey thing to do
try to get too close and I will also run from you
yet troubles ought not make you hide away from every test
save your heartstrings for the one who handles them the best.


Josie Two Shoes said...

I think when we start feeling a little heart music, we always hope that this might be our turn to dance. So often it turns out not to be, and we say "I will never listen to the music again". But it is human nature to reach out, and to hope for that one magic waltz. I believe it will come for you! God has something very special in mind!

Gina said...

Aw that was so sweet to say so, Jo, because i was at my Godmother's 90th birthday party today and went into the bathroom where I heart he most romantic and beaufitul music being piped in, and this is the most romantic and beautiful song I have EVER heard in my ENTIRE LIFE, and wished I could remember it so someday I could have that magic waltz! You too, Josie! Anywho, thanks! I just love those slow dance love songs!

The poor man has no idea how much dancing he's gonna have to do, huh?

Remember the marathon dances?