Friday, 29 June 2007

the worst of me

not a lot to think about
I seem so light and easy
but suddenly the clouds roll in
and feeling kind of queasy

I try to put the best of what i've got
out on the table
sometimes y'all want more and
and I'm like, "Hey I'm not your Mable!"

the winds are blowing up now
and the thunder's rolling in
I run and close the windows of my soul
but just can't win

and suddenly it's raining down
you'll have to wait it through
you should have seen the signs before
just like you always do

it beats upon this old tin roof
we're stuck inside together
you've slept right though this scene before
and understand my weather

pretty soon the rains let up
and skies begin to clear
the sunset's red and orange haze
means better days are near

We all have nasty weather
inner conficts you can't see
and when those storms come, brother
you weather the worst of me.


Josie Two Shoes said...

How well I know these storms, dear Gina. But, by the grace of God,we do manage to weather them. When the rain comes, it washes all things clean, and hope rises in the morning!

SOUL: said...

now, i REALLY like THIS one.
this is more along the lines of how i write. rhyming, and a bit personal. too much so sometimes. but oh well.. it's mine right?
good . good.