Sunday, 10 August 2008

"I gotcher Country right here!! "

Guest Blogger- My lovely sister, Laura, reporting from Chesapeake, Virginia.

"I went to the beach yesterday morning with my honey for the first time all summer. It was so perfect. The breeze, the warmth of the sun, the water so crystal clear. A few dips in the ocean with the one I love. A much needed time of relaxation.

Back at the blanket, I was falling into a peaceful sleep when suddenly, a whole clan of enormous black women in bikinis from Trinidad (or somewhere in the Caribbean) set up camp right on top of us, bending over, not 2 feet from our heads, all the while non- stop with their Caribbean clammer. Every time one would bend over to fetch a snack or fix the blanket, Dan would whisper, "Don't look now". We moved to a more quiet location a resumed our lovely day at the beach. If you don't move then its your own problem.

Friday night we went to a free USO concert with Gretchen Wilson aka Redneck Woman. Well it was sunset. Parked our blanket on a slight slope and who moves in, but this military family. They had 4 kids running around waving sticks, like swords. When becoming bored, the parents would indulge them in these giant turkey legs to chew on for a while, and when they had enough, they would throw them to the dad, "like a dog" (Dan said). He would resume with the gnawing. He had these dirty toes that were severely crooked. Dan had to point them out to me. Oh great, thanks Dan. The mom was tough like she could kick my ass in a sec. She wore a ball cap backwards that said 'Redneck Woman, Hell-yeah! Then the kids would whine that they didn't have a chair and she would get get up and give it to the kid and then run off to get them cotton candy or another giant turkey leg.

My point is, if you don't move then its your own dam fault. This family was the main event and Gretchin was the background music "I gotcher Country right here!"