Wednesday, 28 March 2007

the joy of sox

Not to be the only one who feels
that it's important
to keep your shirt on
to keep your patience
of this I'm certain
with understanding
in quiet waters
are buried

Catching wind of something that you said
I'm quite relieved that
you are the type who
can see the end from
a rough beginning
and in forgiving
you make it clear
that there's no
fear in

Reaching out for something that is good
and latching onto
discarded socks you
were thinking 'clearly
they don't deserve you'
but still you serve so
it will continue
and you'll never

Letting go of all that is behind
we can be freed from
our vain devotions
and silly notions
wasted emotions
useless worries
about a future
and of all


angelissima said...

Man oh Man.
I keep telling myself while I pick his dirty socks up off the floor, "Helping others is good for the soul"
How I crave to be all alone. To stare at the sky as long as I please. To lay in bed till 11 or so...and stay up to all hours watching old TV shows...
But my life is predicated on helping others, wiping their noses and landuring unders.
I suppose my soul would be dark as pitch If I didn't have to turn away every time they called me..."BITCH"!
To kindly say, "Thats not appropriate, dear. Now go clean the cat box its good for your soul - and help your poor mother before she goes cold.

HA. sorry, that just flowed out.

Gina said...

Maybe it's time for a cruise to some island, Ang. He can wear his Birks. Without Socks.

I am gonna have to edit in a few lines on the beauty of socks on the floor. If only....sigh.

angelissima said...

Reason why I won't be going on a cruise anytime soon:

1. Bernie says I need to be able to walk for miles before we vacation.

2. My lard-ass in a bathing suit would scare the natives.

3. We just paid Pherrin's admission fees to Montclair. Between helping her out and fixing this place up..we'll be kinda broke for the next four years.

4. I don't know if we're the cruising type. I guess we should try it once though.

5. Bernie has thousands of Frequent Flyer miles, so we were leaning toward Hawaii or Europe.

On the flip-side, Bernie would love to not wear socks for a week. The socks are a funny thing really. I've trained him to put the rest of his dirty duds in the hamper, but those socks never make it. I'll bet its another one of those passive aggressive tendencies, like the over use of Tom's Natural Toothpaste.

Feel free to elaborate on the socks...the charm wears off after a few years...but, I can remember when it was a treat to wash his drawers.

Gina said...

Thanks, Ang. You know how hard it is to get the rights on material these days.

As you could prolly tell I am already in deep doo-doo with Johnny Mathis.

Gina said...
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Gina said...

I guess after hanging around your feet all day, socks don't feature being thrown into your stinkin' hamper.I have found them to be resistant to pairing as well. You actually have to take control of them by folding them together seeing that they get into the washer that way.

angelissima said...

resistant to pairing! good one!
katie never bothers to wear matching sox. Bernie has hundreds of sox older than dirt, mostly the same style in several colors: tan, brown and blue.
He can usually put one and one together.
John wears tube soxs and looks at me like I have 3 heads when I take the time to match the stripes. "MA! nobody is looking up my pant leg."

Gigi, well that's a story all on its own. hundreds of teeny peds that tend to gather behind the rubber gasket on my front loader.

Johnny Mathis!
"Its not for me toooo saaaayyy yoooouuu llloooooovvvveee MMMEEEE!

Gina said...
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Gina said...

Well at least your kids don't have sock hangups, but the name calling has got to stop. Time for a visit from the Nanny?

I had just got over my self-conscousness with socks when my bozz went and set me back 30 years with a off-handed comment about my wearing blue socks with brown pants. I told her earth and water but she wasn't buyin it. The worst part was that the socks are decorative. red sparkling letters on a sign that read "Open 24 Hours." what the heck? The one pair that just don't seem to get separated. Back ups.

Tube socks are funny even when they do match. I don't know why but nurses laugh at mismatched's not funny.

angelissima said...

Oh that woman is TOXIC! I'm sorry you were called out on that. Sounds so humiliating.

Listen, hon. Go on over the Marshalls or TJMaxx and invest in tan, brown and black trouser soxs.

Maybe a few leggs eggs knee-hi-s?

Gina said...

Got em. Piles of em. What's wrong with blue socks and brown pants?!

angelissima said...

Oh my gosh! Marisa sent me (in the mail) the funniest sock related game. I'll send you a the mail.
I wonder what all of these sock related happenings mean?

Oh, the blue sock thing. Well the rules of fashion dictate your socks should match or be a close shade to your pants and never be darker than your shoes.

But who really cares? I like the earth/water idea. Top it off with a red blouse and windblown hair.

I love the combinations my co-workers in NY come up with. Those streets dictate the trends you'll see in a few years. Ahh youth! They laugh in the face of the dated sock rule!