Tuesday, 6 March 2007

he's just not that into fish

Something struck me out of the blue
and cut my dorsal fin
worst pain, I say, I ever knew
guess it's due for mess I'm in

Thankfully, I am just fine
next time I'll be more careful
and watch out for the fisherman's line
and try to be more prayerful

This one's not that into fish
though fish he did one night
caught me hanging out beside
the boat, to my delight.

"Would you just consider spending
time with me today?
I've got a lot here on my mind but
you seem to want to play."

So play we did and had a ball
the fisherman and I,
I must say though, along the way
the man, he caught my eye.

He shared a couple of tales there
that I could scarce believe
'bout a women who had landed
that old heart upon on his sleeve.

Before the sun had set
I felt a certain sting of pain
he said, " Ya know if you were not a fish
I'd take you out again".

"I do appreciate the thought"
as I entertained the notion,
"so put me in some salt water here
or jump in to my ocean."

"I got a funny feeling",
said the fisherman to me
"that if I were to take you out
you'd be too much for me."

It was then I got his number
I knew that line, you see
Been hooked perhaps a dozen times
and thrown back in the sea.

"The sunset's sweet and lures you, man,
I love that sugar stupor
but you're just a fast food junkie
and will never taste my grouper."

And with that I swam away.

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