Saturday, 17 March 2007

payin' homage

When I was a child
they let me run wild
but soon chores
and schoolwork
and clothing
were piled
and lest I forget
parental laws set
my freedom
the ruler
and routine

Take all my blues
and send me away
"Your time is coming",
she said, " one fine day"
Inside I'd be singing
that simple refrain:
"and I'll never be back here,

If somebody told me
I'd wind up back home
I'd reckon them crazy
and slam down the phone.
Got a couple of years
now to pay of this loan
and a couple beers
down I'd sit and I'd moan
in spite of my troubles
in spite of my own
in spite of the fact
that I'm thin as a bone
In time I will harvest
the seeds that I've sown
I am not goin' back there

But one day back here
I did surely arrive
my kit and caboodle
five-oh Burton Drive
reluctantly settled
back into the hive
for no other way
I could see to survive...

Well to be sure
this is just how it goes
tonight I caught Dad
folding up all my clothes
He makes sure I have eaten
and socks on my toes
And of course all my business
everyone knows!
I've ransacked the bedroom
and clogged up the pipes
Let down my hair
aired all my gripes
Reliving my teens
never one of those types
and finally come clean
that I LOVE Wesley Snipes.

Thanks Mom and Dad
for all your direction
you hold up the fort
and offer correction
I've not always taken
your timely advice
Resented the hair cut
in the midst of the lice.

You know me quite well
I'm one bitter pill
but I love you now
and so I always will
and when the door opens
and I take my leave
on me arm I'll be wearing
a damp snotty sleeve.

I thank you both
for taking my crap
for all of your years,
never seen such a sap
once sense and stability
I can regain
I'll never be back here


angelissima said...

nice raspberry background you've got here young lady.

Gina said...

Why, thank you, Ang. Got lost in the possibilities yesterday. I'm good but the automatic color shuffler is AMAZING...