Friday, 16 March 2007

Gaze into Glory

a reminder of the shorter days
the orange globe sinks into haze
no longer casting warming rays
but shadows into night

fighting sleep and fascinated
I face the setting sun
and every stroke
of the painter's brush
lingers and then it's done

firey red excites the soul
and set the mood in motion
orange and pink elicit sighs
like a full moon upon the ocean
streaks of purple
are always fun
and bring on
the bluegreen hues
a symphony for the setting sun
give me the midnight blues

i want to gaze
into the Glory
tell me another story
bring on the colors
don't let me sleep too long
I want to sing
of your greatness
inspite of all my lateness
oh Lord, You are amazing
and as your creation sings
i'm praising
'til the sun
sets on my days

lost in the moment
dropping the poem
i grab a camera
still life images captured
if only I could freeze the moment,
if only a sunset would last
a couple of hours
how cool that would be
and suddenly realizing
it's almost over for me
put down the camera
lock onto the old eyes of time
take a deep breath and admire it all
lulled into peaceful acceptance
relaxing the lines of worry
smiling as night edges toward the sunset
and sleep overtakes my
heavy lids lowering on
the last lovely streak of color
freed from the grip of self awareness
needing to make it all rhyme
embraced in the arms of unconsciousness
powerless to pretend
entrusting myself to the night
i abandon myself to dreams

i want to gaze
into the Glory
the Glory
tell me another story
now I know
the reason
for my being
You only want my praise
You are amazing
I will praise You
'til the sun
sets on my days
but until then
is there
a chance to slow it down?

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