Sunday, 8 July 2007

the heartbroken fireside blues (revisited)

What can you say
out there in the fog
in want of the old flame
you burnt your last log.

The memories are hot
the pain you remember
beneath all the ashes
the last glowing ember.

Don't bother to fan it
there's no fuel to burn
let it go out
save the ash for the urn.

Turn your attention
to the wood
that needs chopping
do something worthwhile
like sweeping and mopping

Sweep out the soot
and mop up your tears
clean out the attic
let go of your fears

Put on the blues
then something upbeat
get on your warm clothes
walk out to the street

Follow it down
to the steaming creek bed
the mineral water
is something it's said

Melts away saddness
and heats up your head
without all the smoke
without all the dread.

Don't need a fire
the water is good
cleans away everything
and better than wood.

The Word is water
still living and true
all that you need
all that you do

Lie back in the warmth
pulled free from the mire
be free and be healed
and forever on fire.


Josie Two Shoes said...

Beautiful Gina, just beautiful!!

Gina said...

Thank, Jo. I just wanted to repost as I am looking to start posting pics to go with my poems and this one was my fave.