Sunday, 8 July 2007

for the record

Life's like a record
the days keeping score
of the scores that were written
so long before~

and sometimes, if we like it
we'll play it too long
and wear the thing down till
we can't hear our song.

or handle it roughly
and wind up with scratches
the issues of life which
we can't fix with patches

and get stuck in places
and skip till we're blue,
we'll need a new record
what else can we do.

Sometimes it's the speed
and we take it too fast
Alvin and the chipmonks
were fun but can't last.

when I was a child
I would play the thing backwards
and marvel at music
that's garbled and strange~

we can't play life backwards
but turn up the old ones
I'll sing the wrong lyrics
or just rearrange.

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