Sunday, 8 July 2007

misery loves exercise

I took a walk with Misery
we've been walking for a while
sometimes he says I go too slow
but I'll go that extra mile.

We don't say much and that's okay,
I'm not much one for talking
well I just like his company
when we are out there walking.

Well Misery said that he'd been down
too many familiar roads
prefers to walk with strangers now
who'll kick against the goads.

He's seen his share of troubles
which invite him in for tea
and walks the sullen pathway home
alongside Sympathy.

They take the train quite often
and will meet up at the bars
Self Pity's always waiting there
with her bottle, wounds and scars.

They buy a round and toast the clown
whose always got one-liners
to keep the crowd distracted
from the pineys and the whiners.

Adversity can test your will and take away your smile
you might meet up with Misery and settle for a while,
to dwell upon the negative will limit where you go~
and stuck inside, you'll just abide, and one day miss the show.

Reflecting on old Misery, I often let him lead
through disappointments, heartache and my own uncertain need,
I slow my pace and let him pass, and turning up the sound
I bid farewell to Misery, it's time to turn around!



Gina, one of the best poems I've read in a while! I love your take on misery... how you accept him and let him pass! It made me smile watching him dine with sympathy!

Gina said...

Hey, thanks for the compliment Eating Poetry!

Outwardly, I seem so easy going and happy, incredibly optimistic and independant. On the inside, when new opportunities arise, because of the past, I am quite insecure and wary. I am fearful about the future and have become a 'lingerer', stuck in the muck' as you say. Kind of saps the excitment of the possibilities. Time to ditch Misery for a fresh new perspective. Yes?

I like your site and hope to see more of your poetry!

Josie Two Shoes said...

Gina is back in writing mode... I love the thoughts in this one - and the way you put them together is magical, always full of word images that my mind loves!

Gina said...

Why thank you, Josie. You are 2kind, 2shoes. The wind settled down in my head and I can hear the voices again. kidding.

must be day 18. Spending and writing...painting and writing...
whatcha doing???

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Another wonderful poem but it's time to let Misery pass and for you to turn round. Good on you.

Angelissima said...

Piners and Whiners.
Pine-y Wine.

From the Skylands to the Pinelands!

Gina said...

thanks, LGS, turn around and not look back!!

Ang- very clever- I had changed it from piner to piney as I was thinking about Walt's Pine dad would bring the five of us in there as kids, so he could have a beer at the bar and watch the game, while we sat at those little tables with our soda and pub grub. Just like a piney...

The pubbers grub and diners dine, the liquored lick, and the pickled pine~

SOUL: said...

yep... good stuff.
makes me want to write somethin. :)