Friday, 13 July 2007

let the buck stop

A true story about being taken advantage of.

On that terrible night
looked you straight in the eye
If you cosign her loan,
well she'll bake you a pie
so you picked the best berries
and never asked why
her words are like sugar
and lye.

Well there could be no cosign
her credit was ill
the guy called you crazy
"She won't pay her bill"
And moved with compassion
to save her the shame
bought that little red
Chevy, so who can you blame?

And for a few months
she worked and she paid
and everything shined
as if made in the shade
till one payment missed
and that sick feeling in ya
heard she done up and quit
and took off for Virginia!

and at least 2 years later
she writes to your sister
seeking full pardon
while you paid off her blister~
"I don't ask for anything
I cannot repay and
Ya know I'll make good

You say "Never again
will I be so insane~
she asked for the moon
and I've given my brain
my bank accounts drained
but my heart will remain
tried and true
true and blue
just the same".

It would not be as sad
if there were some small return
the littlest sign that
the woman could learn
some indication that all of your care
would make her life better,
but it's just never there.

So grant her that favor
it's all said and done
the best you can do now
is let go and have fun~
she's burnt down the giving tree
and with no wood to chop
just pray for her
conscience and
let the buck stop!


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

You are indeed a peaceful and I will add a wonderful soul.

Anonymous said...

It was her every intention to pay you, but she needed to pay off her gastric bypass surgery.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Live and learn is my motto, Gina. It does harden our charitable natures a bit when someone we trust rips us off. I've learned that the same is true emotionally. I am far more careful in who I trust with my heart now.

"She needed to pay off her gastric bypass surgery"?? To my way of thinking you settle your debts before incurring more, especially when defaulting on them is going to put your benefactor in a bind. And whatever happened to being upfront, instead of just skipping out and leaving someone holding the bag... your payments for the car?! Not a very honorable way to treat a friend.

Rick loaned money we could ill-afford to friends time and time again, Gina. And while his heart was in the right place, it was a rare day in hell when he was ever repaid.

Now I know that if I give, I need to do it with no real expectation of repayment, then I won't get stressed or burned by it.

Angelissima said...

LOLOL gastric bypass!
I hope she pays you one day...I forgot she had a gastric bypass.

Gina said...

she did have a gastric bypass and last i heard, the dear girl had moved back to Asbury. I had to let that one go.

Gina said...

Yes, Josie, live and learn has been my motto also, but since this was not the first nor last time it takes me a while longer. The situation with this woman was just so dire that it would have been hard for me not to do something to help her. She had a small child and at the time was very diligent at work and had really dug herself out of a bad situation in her personal and professionl life. We really were shocked when she quit and moved away. I guess I gave her the wheels to do that. Live and learn. What comes around goes around but let's hope she don't come around here no more.