Saturday, 24 May 2008

The Color Purple

Guardian Angel. The color was a very pale lavender. Hmm...the makers of these paints know how a name can influence the buyer. Precisely why I changed the name of the last gallon I purchased from 'Cabbage', which brings to mind unpleasant odors, to 'Ocean Bluff'. Dad did not need to know. As it turned out, I went with the color "Apothacary Jar" for his room. I liked the sound of 'Apothecary'. It has a certain Ivy League feel. Perhaps this was the room of an Author. Of course when I mentioned the name, Dad immediately associated it with the pharmacy and his medications. Great. I was trying for that country golf course on the ocean theme. I should have went with Torre Pines or stuck with the Ocean Bluff.

But 'Guardian Angel' worked for Mom. She liked the color. So that's what we are going with. A Light Purple. More like Lavender. Pale Lavender fields.

I love that scent.

I feel like I am painting a child's room.

I like this look, actually, though the closet really ought to stay white, don't you think?

I asked my dad last night if he had any memories of his grandfather, also named Vincent .

"Did he ever hug you or pat you on the head?"

" Not really, but he had this cigarette thing he used to do. (gesture of putting out a cigarette). He was pretty funny."

Guess you had to be there.

Mom stuck her head in the door and told me that she was up until 2AM.

"There was about a hundred and fifty dollars there. My machine conked out after the first 20 cents and I had to count it by hand, actually pouring them into tube which measures 50 cents. I was starting to get drowsy but made myself stay awake until all of the pennies were counted."

"What are you gonna challange the machine?"

"I just don't trust them."

" I know. But you have to. Really. Otherwise it's a scene. Over pennies."

I have a nasty frontal headache again. My sister told me that the majority of headaches are caused by Mineral Oil in soaps and lotions. Could be. I've been showering with this stuff by Soft Soap called Cashmere. Not a real bar soap, which I had stopped using on account of the residual sludge in the soapdish.

I am pretty sure it's made with oil, since it leaves a thick drape of Cashmere on you. Like being dipped in Cashmere.
Not so sure it's a pleasant feeling. Kind of like the idea of stripping off the oils with the dirt. I don't know. She suggested I get rid of everything with mineral oil. Good idea. At first I thought this might have been a hangover from a glass of wine I had 2 nights ago, but it's back again after 2 ES Tylenol. I hear a drop of Lavender oil to the temples is supposed to ease tension headaches.
Time to get back to painting the walls while I still have daylight. Guardian Angel.Peaceful.

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