Friday, 23 May 2008

re: stuffed peppers

I have 6 large peppers on my kitchen counter. They've been there since last Thursday. I was going to make stuffed peppers for my parents, but wound up making the eggplant parm and bringing that over a week ago. The folks went away last weekend while I had the floors refinished and walls painted. It all came out really nice. Like a new home. I am going back again to paint the other bedroom today. Anyway, for the past week I've been meaning to get to them. I worked the first 3 days and had yesterday and today off. Started in on them last night. Hmm...not that fresh anymore. Hmm...i don't know. They aren't all mushy. Still. I hate to use stuff that's been sitting around. What a waste. Maybe I will just go out and buy 6 fresh peppers for this dish and do the sausage pepper and onion thing with these aging beauties. Cut away anything questionable.

That settles it. Get to the gym, toss in the laundry, buy the peppers and get over there to paint. Ready Set Go.

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