Saturday, 31 May 2008

2 large boys on a compact couch

ooooh they're playin' my song!

Will you look at that kitchen? It's just amazing what they do with these trailers nowadays.

Ceramic and wood flooring, solid wood paneling,'Normal' windows. Lookee there. Special downsized trailer furniture tailored to fit any single or double wide. Very comfortable living! I hear the newer models, like the one featured here, are made with this special grade fireproof foam insulation for optimal climate control, superior soundproofing, and the ultimate protection against inclement weather. Gives the owners a greater sense of privacy and security. Pride. 'Trailer' No more. Must be nice not to be able to feel the wind kicking up. Not being able to hear the sirens shouldn't be a problem, so long they have those basements everyone can run to.

They do, right? They must.

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