Sunday, 11 May 2008

the rug is up yawwwwn...

that's me tonight. I am stumbling around here. Got home late from Ma and Pas. Spent the day tearing up a 22 year old rug we had in the upstairs hall, 2 bedrooms and down the steps. We had it installed in 1986, just before my sister's wedding. A nice muddy off white which grew muddier over the years. It was long overdue. I love wood flooring, but at the time, we were all into the wall to wall carpeting. Trendy. I decided that I'd use these 5 days off to have the upstairs floors refinished.

My brother called me this morning just before I went over. I mentioned what I was doing and he told me about a guy he had met just yesterday who does flooring. Damian installs Fios Cable for Verizon. This was a customer of his. Damian was very impressed with him and suggested I call him to get an estimate. Turns out the guy lives right near my folks. He was able to come over within the hour and gave us a great price. So. 11 hours later, the rug and filthy foam padding is now in pieces rolled up at the curb. I think it took more time to yank out all the staples from the foam. Yeck. I felt like my skin and scalp was crawling with dust mites. While I was working up there, Dad came in with the sushi pizza. :-0 Sushi. Nothing like cold sushi and a beer when you are crawling with dust mites. Like having a meal and being a meal at the same time. Ew......I Couldn't wait to get home to shower it all off. Painting Dad's bedroom on Thursday, moving everything out on Friday and floors refinished Saturday. Parents going away for the weekend, so it should work out well.

Kinda wound up after all of that. Finally starting to get tired. That's it.


Angelissima said...

Wow. I wish you were my daughter!
Your parents are so blessed to have you around. So, who is this guy? A good price? A deal? Oy Gevalt!

Does he travel to Somerset County?
I can't wait to get our putrid carpet off the stairs and halls.

RYAN!!!!!! (shakes fist in the air) Lord only knows what lies beneath that carpet. Maybe HOLES.

Gina said...

Ryan! ha!

this guy is good, Ang. I'll ask him if he can come to Somerset.