Friday, 20 June 2008

Frank Smeal

There once was a man named Frank Smeal
lived his life with incredible zeal
you never quite knew
just what next he would do
and the things that he did were unreal.

The man was a brilliant young soul
who made it his personal goal
to give what he could
for the sake of the good
less the rest that the government stole.

Now that last line wasn't right, but it fit and he would have gotten a chuckle over it. I could go on about this extraordinary man, Mr. Smeal, who I had the opportunity to get to know over the last 3 years of his life. As one of his nurses, I was touched by his courage and will to live well through a very difficult illness. The man was an inspiration to me, and, without a doubt, countless others. He will never be forgotten. I once asked him what he would get if he crossed a rose with Mrs. Smeal. He answered quickly. " A kiss."

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