Monday, 2 June 2008

just for the fun-nel cake

I just realized something this morning. I was talking about what I did this weekend with girls here at work. They went to the beach. The one saw John Eddie at the Stone Pony. Hmm...I cleaned house and bagged up old clothes, laundry and garbage. I got out. I shopped at Lowes for supplies and hanging plants. Painted at my parents house. Went back to Lowes with mom to get crown moulding and back to her house to spackle over the holes i made in my Dad's walls, and then home. Talked to Mike who seemed to being having more fun than me. Watched TV. Slept. NOTE: Must move bed back. Have not been the same since I been waking up facing West. Best wake up feet facing East. Feng Shue.

Sunday- Drove by my new church...not sure I want to go there. Kept driving. Visited Doll, watched end of Little Rascals with her. Left at 4. Paid bills, and shopped at CVS for more stuff, and Burlington for new clothes. I hate clothes shopping. The lighting and mirrors in the try on rooms at Burlington reflect cellulite like nothing (chiller font) I've seen in any mirror on Earth. I have no idea what happened there. I work out and everything. It's just a shocking thing. I see the front and instead of just believing it's localized to the area above my knee, I HAVE TO turn around. It was just for a peek. What the... Oh man. One glimpse. Scarred for life. Don't think I'll be getting naked with anyone in the near future. Not wearing shorts either. Too vain. Not in this condition. One more thing. I don't judge other women with this problem but I have a hard time with it myself. Back to Sunday. Cleaned and organized my apt. So responsible. Not a lot of fun. Most just taking care of stuff. I was thinking about my weekends. Something is missing. I think I need to plan some fun for the next several months. Enough of the home improvements. Trying to live a more structured and serious life, proving something to myself. OK that's done. Now, what I really NEED is to just let go and live alittle. Let loose the change! I work with a guy, Jason, who is the head clown in the electric light parade at Great Adventure. He is actually in nursing school during the year, but this guy is one of a kind. No really. Jason wears a black costume that is lit up from head to foot. And a hat with the same lighting. He runs around telling people about the parade just before it starts up. The electric light parade is very similiar to Disney's production. The thing is set to a musical score written by the guy who wrote the one for Disney. I've never seen it but it's supposedly a BIG thing at GA. Costly as I understand. Anyway, Jason does his juggling stuff which is entertaining, and is also into fire breathing. Fire extinguishing. He also does this thing with balls of fire on chains. Very interesting guy. Anyway, He's also the one to calm down Doll when she's flipping out here. And she can flip out like no other 5' 102# woman. I'm like, "take your medicine Doll. Take it (like Spanky) Swallow it..swallow it...and don't argue with me. Take it." It's just appalling. I guess it's just because i know her and that she will usually listen to the person who seems to be in control. I mean, I'm not screaming at her. Just direct. As if I am talking to a child sometimes. Don't give me no backtalk. But Jason... Jason is very sweet to these people. He comes over, puts his arm around her and tells her that her husband ( who brings her over here for a break) loves her VERY VERY MUCH and then he says things like " and he says, he would never leave you wants you to eat this lunch here, and he's coming back very shortly to get you, because he LOVES you soooo much. You mean EVERYTHING to him." He just has a special way with people, that Jason. Incredible patience. Anyway. Time to go home and find something fun to do with the rest of the day.

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Angelissima said...

You can always visit us. Next weekend is the big Montgomery Rodeo at the Danube Ranch in Skillman.

Big Doings I hear. Maybe meet a local, low-key millionaire who couldn't care less about his lady's cellulite. Look. If a man loves you....blah, blah, blah...

Plus, I've seen your cellulite. Its nothing. NOTHING. Shut-up! You want to see from cellulite?

Next month the summer opera season starts at McCarter theater, just for a little splash of culture for good measure.