Monday, 16 June 2008

All-Around Good Guy

I remember watching the news after 9-11, and Tim Russert coming on. Just his presense gave me a sense of calm in the storm. Comfort. The way my Dad made me feel when there was serious lightning and thunder. One of those 'it's not alright now, but it will be' kind of reassurances.

His voice. His smile. Those sublte fatherly qualities. I can just imagine how he was as a dad. " Did you break that window, Son?" Non-threatening. Earnest and direct. Just wants the simple and honest truth.

For obvious reasons, the man always reminded me of Randy Quaid. 'Cousin Eddie'.
I wonder if he ever got that? Sure, he and Quaid could pass for brothers, but more than that, it was Russert's natural and down-home, kick your shoes off, get them tired dogs up on the coffee table, open a can of Schlitz, and 'tell it like it is' approach that made 'Meet The Press' feel more like porch chats with Cousin Tim. Sort of. Well...not quite. Probably more that way at home.

An all around good guy. One of the finest things you can say about a man. Everything I've read and heard about the man describes him as personable. Respectable. The video clip memorials were just heartbreaking. Likeable, easy going, intelligent, Tim Russert. Spiritually, he knew in his heart and mind that Jesus was Lord. I believe He is with God right now. Too soon. Questioning.

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