Saturday, 21 June 2008

simple amusement anyone?

For when you have nothing to do but dream of places you'll never see. Or maybe not.

Some places don't have the birds-eye view. Maybe just the aerial. Still. It's like being able to fly all over the entire world. The ENTIRE WORLD. If you go to Google Street View, people have actually downloaded their photos of points of interest. Some of it is shocking, such as the area which was devastated by the Tsunami a few years ago. You can get within 30 yards of a flaming volcano. Places you've never even heard of. You can just mouse on over and drop in for a look-see.

I was all excited about my latest discovery ( Google Street View) and was telling my 8 year old nephew who looks up and yawns, " Yeah, we already know about that." Didn't seem the least bit interested. My brother told me about Birdseye view and then mentioned the NASA site. He said that you can actually put in your own location and find out exactly when the space station will be flying over your head. He said it's going at 17 thousand something miles an hour and crosses the sky in a matter of minutes, doing loops.

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