Sunday, 15 June 2008

Rockin' the Best Buy

i played this song (easy level) on 'Guitar Hero' for the first time, today, at Best Buy. I think it was the most fun I have had since...since I don't know when. Since I baked the double layer Uke for Chris' Bday. No, wait. It was more fun than riding a virtual roller coaster.It's actually thrilling. I'm easily amused to begin with, but this...this is pure excitment. And a challange. Competitive, sort of like the old Pinball machines only a hundred times better. You wanna say, "I'm feelin it!" but you know that would be way too corny to say and embarrass yourself and everyone around you. Specially being old. You know. If I had a child, he would see me approaching the Guitar Hero and be like " Mom, please. Don't!" Then he would run and hide. Seriously. Both my brother and sister's kids have this game and I never realized how FUN it was!

I recommend Guitar Hero for all ages. Across the board. So much fun. I know you can hook up the Wii to it but they have the Playstation 3 which has the Blue Ray which can play Guitar Hero AND DVDs in ultra HD. It's about 400 bucks plus the 150 for the Guitar Hero AND the second guitar, since you HAVE to be able to play it with a friend. Not really but just in case. I mean, you can compete against yourself. I was the high scorer today when I realized that they probably purposely put low scores in there to get you all pumped up. This 10 year old kid comes over and plays the expert level with all 5 fingers going. His mom told me that he won the contest in his town. Blew my high scores away. Oh well, I'm an old lady. Besides. It was my first shot. I couldn't find the Wii for Dad, but got him the handy tools to attach and the Tiger Woods game for when they come in again. He's gonna love it. Not as much as the Guitar Hero, but he's not into rockin' out. It's Barbershop Harmony Hero for Dad. My Hero.
I liked this song so I picked up the CD. I didn't see any parental warnings on it..

Hey...Happy Father's Day to all the Dads!

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