Sunday, 22 June 2008

Bird Collection

So I started a porcelain and bone china bird collection.
I have one so far. Found a bunch in a local antique store which I am considering.This oughta be exciting!

Woodpeckers are nice.

I wonder what the chances are of seeing a Warbler in these parts?

A 'Great Tit'? Adam named the birds, right? Probably inspired by Eve. What the heck? I have to do some research. Probably a place near Lancaster, know, they've got all sort of sexually suggestive named towns. Never mind. Oh, wait. The Great Tit lives in Asia and Europe and doesn't migrate. Just as well. I wonder these birds really look like...and if they are smart too?

This is a true story. It happened recently. My sister had a bird fly into her home and then smack into her living room window. She picked him up. He was dying in the palm of her hand. She put him on a table and held his little limp body, his little head dropped to the side and his eyes closed. She wasn't sure but it was looking grim.

Then she prayed for the bird.
"Little bird, it is written. 'You shall live and you shall not die"

I have no idea why some people are prayed for and die. I don't get it. I just lost a friend to disease in January and she was a believer and we spoke life over her ALL Of the time. Still, it is written that life and death are in the power of the tongue'. I am sure that negative things spoken over and over to a person can lead to a breakdown in the immune system and lead to illness. No matter what the source of the problem, whether external or internal, both, we are instructed to speak life and not death to people and animals. Death is coming inevitably. But maybe not today! Maybe we can intercede for the sick. We are instructed to do so for a reason.

My sister applied this simple word to the little bird. You shall LIVE and you will NOT DIE in Jesus name." She propped his head up between her thumbs and straightened him out a bit. Maybe he was just knocked out and his neck wasn't broken. Maybe it was his little airway which needed to be opened. She just prayed and watched. The bird's eyes opened, he coughed a little cough and started to move it's wings. Maybe he didn't cough. I made that up. She said he started to move his wings and become more alert. She took him to the door and he flew away.

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Maria said...

I always wonder about those kinds of animals who revive. We had a squirrel fall out of our maple tree a few years ago and he underwent a complete personality change. He was no longer afraid of humans! He would walk right up to my daughter and I had to physically restrain her from petting him...I was terrified that he would bite her.

He eventually disappeared after a few months, but then I wondered if maybe someone took him in as a pet or something...