Tuesday, 17 June 2008

an angel in the office

I was in my office, trying to get some work done, when I felt a light touch on my upper back. I was so focused on my typing that I had not noticed anyone come into the room. I turned around and was staring up into the smiling face of a middle aged Indian man with Downs Syndrome. He stood there with that sweet smile, continuing with the light circular motion between my shoulders and up near my neck. It was completely innocent. His attention was on the words I was typing out.

"Hey H, how are you doing today?"

" I am good, thank you."

:) H is more than good, he's an angelic being. Always has his hair perfectly parted and combed, and his shirt pressed and buttoned to the neck with an argyle sweater vest over it. Neat as a pin. Very consciencious. Never a harsh word or action out of him, I suspect H has always been a 'special' guy. An overflowing bottomless pit of pure Love.

Nurse Rached requires the utmost of professionalism and those who know me know that will go to great lengths to preserve the sanctitiy of 'the line' in my nurse-patient relationships.

I don't encourage a lot of hugging and certainly not kissing around here, though we see our share of it, especially from the ladies of the coffee clotch,
and our everloving H. At the same time we want people to know that we care for them. I don't want to treat H as if his natural inclinations toward affection are wrong. At this moment, I was appreciative of the TLC. Been alittle stressed lately and H just has a special touch. I realized that my nephew Dan who also has the DS is pretty good with shoulder massage as well. Amazing. The kind of thing people usually have to go to school for.

"Thanks, H." I didn't want to encourage him too much either. Always aware of that line.

H smiled and backed off alittle, and then told me that I need to sit up straighter, better for my posture. H demonstrated how I should sit with my shoulders back, and then gently pulled my shoulders back. " Like this." Immediately I felt better.

"Thanks H! I really needed that adjustment".

With that he smiled again and made his way out of the room...and not a moment too soon...


Maria said...

Ah...but crossing lines can feel SOOOO good...

Ken said...

Hi, Gee. Jackass in a hat!

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I said it first!