Friday, 13 November 2009

Big A Rocker

Plopped down in the rocking chair in a mix of joy and gloom
the memories come flooding back, my sweet old childhood room
no doubt it's been my resting place since life had dealt hard blows
unable to keep up with the pace, sometimes that's how it goes.

Moved back home last summer, the only place for sure
could offer me some comfort, and a quick financial cure.
She said you can take your old room, or sleep in the garage
that room is cold and drafy, got my ego to massage.

and in that room a rocker, like a granny before my time
I'd sit and read and sip on gingerale, coke, lemon and lime.
Eyes are tired, mind is wired, I know it's getting late
I throw the switch and in the dark I'm back to being eight.

I suppose that worry burrows, deep within the genes
'cause I would lie and comtemplate the most disturbing scenes.
I'd worry about a robber, and double check the locks
or catching double pneumonia, and always wore my socks.

I'd worry about a bad man, and check under the bed
about a fire breaking out and everything else I dread.
and as a child, that simple prayer, we recite each night
it added to the trauma, for it filled me with such fright.

"If I should die before I wake", now scared that I was dyin'
"I pray the Lord my soul to take." , and THAT should stop my cryin'?
"If I should live another day, I pray the Lord to guide my way"
And guide He did, but I did stray and wound up in this room today.

The truest test of character, not money or allure
but how you act and what you do in secret when you're poor.
Sometimes you're feeling downright spent, and think you'll fall apart
it's hard to grasp the gift, to see the ending from the start.

Sometimes you need to get some sleep or eat, and have some wine,
other times you're reaching out to someone on the line.
But even through the worst of it when to God I drunken dialed
The Lord, He taught me once again to trust Him like a child.

Now I'm grateful just to sit on mom's fine throne of wicker
Gotten past the worst of it, but wait here is the kicker:
Taking the backroads home one day I drove by a mountain of junk
mostly discarded furniture and someone's stinkin' trunk.

But wedged between a credenza and unwanted Christmas cheer
an antique wide-assed rocker, wired to rock away fear.
With the same determination, as if salvaging a soul
I forced that rocker in my car,where there's a will's a hole.

And one day when I am ready, and fit for moving on
Gonna find a warm place, and beaming with grace
set that rocker in the sun
And If you need sedating, to talk with someone dear,
my rocker will be waiting, with a seat to fit your rear!

( I finally did refinish that big assed rocker and again it waits in storage for my next home)

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