Friday, 27 November 2009

The Self Help Cure

I saw Him first or He saw me
and fear struck lonely in the knee
and I did stumble, but then caught
compose yourself', the guru taught

Still the urge to run and hide
lest someone see what lacks inside
I took six steps and then back three
this war between self-help and me

and he took nine from where he stood
the other way, but that was good
the farther off, the less the chance
that lonely would be asked to dance

Now hidden in the second aisle
my strength returned and I could smile
and feel the heat come to my face
and as I looked, my heart did race

For he too lingered in this aisle
the other end and for a while
perusing through the magazines
should I be wondering what this means?

I tried to think but drew a blank
what to do, then my heart sank
around the corner came his wife
with 4 small children, yes, his life

Of course, you fool, you can't be thinking
everything that tics is winking
stop the nonsense, drop the strife
count your blessings, get a life

Bound by lonely? Just get free
kick it in the other knee
get a dog and take it out
and don't forget, you're kind of stout

Lose the weight and get some style
feeling fat? An extra mile!
take your self-help to the bank
get some money, fill the tank

Bring your fear out for the ride
drop it off the other side
fear found lonely in the brew
Find yourself and lose those two

don't be waiting on the show
'cause when it's meant to be you'll know
Pack a bag and take a few
drive all night to somewhere new

but self-help, where we going to?
time is short, you cannot stew
but why the running, why the haste?
Why, can't you see? Your life's a waste!

trying all this new advice
I'm on the rocks, please hold the ice
i just can't fix these strange new drinks
and I don't care what that one thinks

I took that ride out to the cliff
and if's that's true, then what's the diff?
I've spent a lot of time on these
and burned my eyes right down to peas

And so I opened up the door
and took the books out, from the floor
and THREW them off the cliff that day
dust to dust or come what may!

To the woods, from whens you came
before your words would cause me shame!
before they bound you into books
and scarred your spine with fonts and looks!

you had no say in what was done
but someone gained a pretty sum
and all well meaning, surely so
but in the end, a heavy snow

And spring has come, and all things new
I'll try not to remember you
but hope to God that come the thaw
I'll not be sought out by the law

for dumping is illegal here
and though my conscience, fairly clear
at least I saved another soul
from thinking self-help makes you whole

when life is just one smaller part
of whats to come, what's in the heart
and how you act and what you do
the evidence of what's in you

As human being, we tire and fall
and need the strength of someone tall
but not a man, a loving God
who knows just how our feet are shod.

who wore our shoes and walked behind
who bore the sin of all mankind
and took the beating for the worst
the ones who hated, those who cursed

And asks us just to trust in Him
to wash the stain of human sin
to let Him carry, be the Lord
a Savior we can all afford

Whose perfect Love cast's out the fear
the lonely hearts club band is near
and knows the pain, he's led the herds
he wrote the music and the words

the sheep can't really help themselves
though self-help books have filled my shelves
but when I trusted Jesus Christ
he gave me more, the BEST ADVICE!

Gina Morrone


Anonymous said...

No one write's, and write's, and write's 'em like you G. You are a fount of prose.

Gina said...

U R too kind B, though i think more oft' a babbling brook of blove.

I hope you are going to start that blog,