Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Mr. F Moon - G Clair ( for BT)

Just follow the bouncing ball.(1- 2- 3- 4- 1- 2)
Hey Mr. Moon (badunt dunt dunt)
shine a light on all of our blues (badunt dunt dunt)
we passed around the bottle of gueze (badunt dunt dunt)
while lookin' down at skuffied up shoes (badunt dunt dunt dunt dadee)

hey Mr. Moon-(badunt dunt dunt)
your gettin' on my hormonal rythym, my chemi hemi-spheri-cal schizm
reacting to your lunar deluge

so strike up the band (badunt dunt)
won't ya shine a light on all of us crazies
we love you 'cause your foolish and lazy
and you do it for attention and news(badunt dun dun, dumpedy dun)

::well your the orchestrated leader
of the criminally insane
and the bona fide heater
of the hearts on lovers lane
and what's it to ya anyway
just what all do ya gain
when ya push the tides around
and do a number on my brain::

Mr. Moon! (badunt dunt dunt)
I hope you come around real soon ( dadunt dunt dunt)
I'll try to write a song for the sun ( badunt dunt dunt)
who keeps a dark old rock in his fun ( badunt dunt dunt duntety)

Mr. Fool Moon ( Budunt dunt) un-
aware that you're a pain in my rump (badunt dunt)
keep the rhythym 'til we're over hump~(badunt dunt)
'cuz you know I like the light of your lump ( badunt dunt dunt bumpety oh)

Mr. Moon i love you,
Mr. Moon i love you,
Mr. Moon
i love you,
Mr. Moon.
Gueze (gooze): Beer term for a blend of young and old lambics.

which by the way, ryhymes with Iambic pentameter:

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