Monday, 30 November 2009

Sunshine Girl

With a beaming smile that could warm the tile
She came flying down the corridor
the sun was setting, so I asked her heading
and she said, "I'm going to Florider!"

Well she seemed to like to talk
and I'd like to think I listen
so I pressed her for the details
and her eyes began to glisten.

"Been staying in this rest home
since I lost my dear departed"
and I asked her when he died and she said,
"Oh, I meant my leg".

So we stood there, well I stood there, and
she sat in her new wheel chair
I asked her what's the hurry.
and if she's gonna get a peg.

"Maybe if I lose this weight~
Gotta get down to 220
trouble is, I love to eat.
I know it's not that funny."

"I've had my share of heart attacks
and twice I had a stroke
Buried my husband, lost the house
and gee I love to smoke"

"I can't move these three fingers
but I manage in this chair
on nice days take it to the road
for excercise and air".

She went on to share her story
was from somewhere up in Queens
married twice, no children
and lived well within her means.

She talked about her childhood home
how chemicals from the pool
splashed onto the strawberry patch
and grew fruit the size of stool.

The best of all of her stories
was one about her dad
who had worked for Sunshine Biscuits,
but once fell into a vat.

no sooner had she told me
that I knew I'd have to write
a lymric for this lady
whose smile brings such delight.

The folks at Sunshine found him
pulled him out but hound him
was one lucky catch, 'til he met his batch
when those lady fingers done nearly drowned him.

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