Monday, 2 November 2009

Pondering Religion and Politics/ Religious War on America- G Clair

Pride, like a river before a great fall
flows swiftly like thunder to crash down a wall
the heart is rebellious and easily sways
when drawn from the path, corrupt in it's ways
for evil was present before there was light
to kill and destroy is it's only delight

When Light overcomes it, the darkness can't stay
but still, in some hearts it's dark anyway
this is the world and this is the steeple
and these plans were made without asking the people
And then from our pews, seems like something had died
or maybe ignited, don’t know, you decide
A peace-loving nation come hell or high water
'til freedoms were challenged, the fire grew hotter
extremists offending extremely can bring
an unprepared nation to most anything

A paranoid nation with anger and fear
not knowing our enemy lurking so near
With nine-one-one burned in our souls we were shocky
our leader like most, at the start seemed quite cocky
War books will speak then of fortunes and fools
of defense and offense, but where are the rules?
Believing our God is the True One who saves
but what does He say about kings in their graves?
Does the God that we're claiming to trust on our money
have a plan for the end can it ever be funny?

The Word says to pray for God's got a plan
will He fix all the messes or mess up the man?
Look to the bible within it are books
history lessons with good guys and crooks
Where Wisdom and Truth are present with power
the Word speaks today and right up to this hour
The King of the world was crazy with pride
Nebuchadnezzar was fit to be tied
Read it in Daniel, the last days are near
but don't be too quick to be crippled with fear

Daniel knew well of his God, the big G
the One and the Only forever is He.
Finding God's favor while serving this king
Faithful obedience, blessing will bring
And how does that lesson apply to today
The Same God forever, what does He say?
He's not about killing the lost infidel
but bringing salvation from certainly Hell
Through one act of God and nothing from man
came down from heaven and finished His plan
Reopened the 'gates', settled the score
Forever "I AM" not mad anymore

Forgiving ALL sin with the simplest prayer
from the heart that is aching for wholeness in there
Weakness! A Crutch! Pathetic are you!
ironic from those who can't offer a clue
Speak for yourself! I've 'oft heard it said
we're Godless but gracious, without any dread
No pressure from heaven, you're free to decide
if you think long enough, you might save your own hide
So when will this end? Can it ever be over
ask peace-loving poets who daydream in clover

ethereal pondering not here my goal
my noggins a noddin', it's taken a toll
But where should America stand in this war?
The best-est defense is to even the score?
Whatever our forefathers meant for this nation
whatever intentions with God's affirmation
without a strong faith and fear of the Lord
we'll bind up our wounds, but fall on the Sword

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