Monday, 30 November 2009

Of Terror and Tyranny -G Clair

What are the rules in the war against terror?
Did we foil their plans or was it simply their error?

How do we know when we've won the big fight?
Will they run for their lives? Raise a flag that is white?

Does someone announce when the suicide bombers
turn a blind eye to virgins, or whatever they're promised?

Can we sweeten the deal, make them an offer?
live belly dancers, free tickets, gold coffer?

What will it cost us to buy back a brain?
to turn a sick mind back to thinking again?

These 'holy warriors' choose death over reason
to back out on Jihad would sooner be treason

believing it's Allah that leads them to take
their own precious lives and far more is at stake

Those innocent victims we cannot defend
those caught in the crossfire of terror and friend

How can we justify, how will it look?
when all this is put in the history book

What have we gained by the loss of their lives
We kill for our cause, but the madness survives

We've stood up for freedom and bravely gone in
not once, but two times and then over again

The Jihad, and what not, and now look to Zion
where Jewish extremists hate the Almighty Lion

Terrorists plot for the end of the West
while we who are faithful are put to the test

What ought we do then, when challenged with threats
the further we dig, the hotter it gets

Over thirty four hundred have paid with their blood
not counting civilians, who've died in the mud

On innocent soil, the war will continue
If you think this will end, then the truth is not in you

to challenge our freedoms to peacefully dwell
will surely bring death, high water and hell

to live free of terror from tyrant and creep
of fear that our lives are not safe while we sleep

We all know George Washington stood in the boat
crossed over on Christmas, the enemy to smote

to take them by nightfall while drunken and dazed
the victory lingers, and we're still amazed

our cause was for freedom, and freedom was won
by might and by power, in the spirit of one

brave William Wallace raised up his men
to fight for their freedom, and won in the end

He built up their pride, and the love of their home
picked a fight with King, and thus ends this poem

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