Saturday, 21 November 2009

Magicult- G-Clair

Oh how I would love to see
from where you stand, that part of me
which clung to all you said and all you do
the part which made me buy a chance
to hear the truth, I'll need to dance
around the words you speak which can't come true.

Words not spoken, never mind
this heart was broken but I find
that sometimes people fall when hope is due
needing God? well here's a man
with promises, just take his hand
he'll show you things no one can see but you.

Magicult, you've got a plan
to mesmerize the simple man
convinced that you have something we should see
Tell us all what we must do
to glimpse the place, first pay our due
and never mind the bible, pay the fee!

Get their minds to turn against
their Only Hope, if on the fence
be sure to make it hard, they want to earn it
The One who paid, right here on Earth
was Jesus Christ, his virgin birth
the Gift of God, the Cross, you want to burn it

Back in time, and filled with strife
for want of something more in life
something more to fill me than religion
I listened to a man who said
he knew a better way and led
me into some dark hole, much like a pigeon.

And then one day, when forced to eat
discarded crumbs upon the street
I saw my own reflection in a pool
a shell of what I'd been before
not filled, but empty to the core
and lowering my eyes, I said, "you fool"

To coin a phrase, deceived is he
who makes his life a mystery
apart from what is seen, he has a way
and it seems right and it seems good
but deeper in the neighborhood
of witchcraft which will only lead astray.

Believing on a gift of Love,
which turns a dead bird to a dove
'cause hearing of The Truth, transcends the soul
nourishing the man within,
it purges out the lies of men
His burden, light and easy, made me whole.

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